KINDLE’s Cultivating the Faith of Students, the first in a four-part series (Cultivating the Heart of Students), is specifically designed to assist leaders as they guide high school students through a weekly hour-long study to learn more about how Jesus lived, taught and served others. Each week participants learn faith-filled practices modeled by Jesus and discover how to implement them in their daily pursuit of Christ-like servant leadership. 

This resource comes with a digital package found via the QR code inside the book and includes:

  • Social media images to share weekly Bible readings with students.
  • Printable handouts for students to follow along. 
  • Editable Visual presentation for use in your youth group setting. 
  • List of supplemental video options for various lessons, and more! 


  • Guide comes with leader tips, and all the supplemental resources you may need. But you can pick and choose what works best for your setting!
  • Share the daily/weekly Bible readings with students with an image they can add to the lockscreen of their phone! 
  • Did you know that 75% of learners are visual and kinesthetic? This resource comes with editable presentation(s) that you can use during youth group or Sunday school!
  • Teach students how to develop a personal growth plan—a series of next steps—in a specific faith practice.
  • Weekly engagement in Bible readings, reflection and prayer.